In 2006, my parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  My sister and I decided that it would be fun to collect photos of them through the years and set them to music in the form of a slideshow.  This was the start of a new hobby for me!  I worked hours upon hours arranging and rearranging pictures, adding and editing music, adding transitions, and finishing the slideshow.  I purchased a program for my computer which enabled me to burn it to a DVD.  My parents loved it!

I now have a new program that I use for my slideshows.  I am able to download them to a website which allows me to share them with everyone.  I have inserted a link in my blogroll to this site (My PhotoSlideshows.)  If you would like to see my newest shows, please click the link and type in my member name: mvmusick.



I’m back.  I still haven’t figured out how to get my slideshows added, so instead I will tell you about the newest member of our family.  My daughter finally convinced us to get her a puppy for Christmas.  I was very resistant at first – I have always been a cat person.  In fact, I have told my husband many times that I would never want a dog in the house!  Well, the daughter wore us down.  And guess what?  We are all in love with our new little Miniature Schnauzer, Oliver!


This is my first post, so I will tell you a little about myself.  I am a wife, a mom of two teenagers, a teacher and musician.  I enjoy reading, cooking, playing the piano, playing on the computer, and spending time with my family.  My daughter loves to take pictures, and I love creating photo slideshows.  I hope to share some of them with you soon.